Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A new social network and app

I have created a new social network and an app to deliver that network across the entire web.

I built because I could not stand the social networks out there. The are so bad that I had to write a couple papers about the networks in general. I will post those soon. I found I could not do the social things on the web the way I wanted to do them. So, I made to do exactly those things. But, the things I wanted to do were so different than the way the other networks operated that I had to create a totally new network rather than just using the networks that are out there. I will likely in the future integrate with those other networks. It seems it will be beneficial to do so but for now the network is its own network. It is not a meta-network like Pinterest. It is a bit similar to Pinterest but the concept was derived and designed from a much deeper understanding of how people interact socially in general and how social interaction should happen on the web. In fact, I did not even know about Pinterest until someone said to me after looking at, "I like your implementation much better than Pinterest's."

Then someone I know was, unbeknownst to me, using Pinterest. They started complaining to me about the things Pinterest would not let them do. For every one of their complaints, had the solution. It was quite funny and certainly made me smile.

So, please take a look at and enjoy. Hit me back with comments and suggestions. I love it so far but there is much more I am going to be adding to .

Happy tagging!

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